Ryohei Hase


Eddie Vedder QPAC Brisbane 2014 Poster by Jeff Soto

Speech by Pawel Kuczynski

Check out my new Minecraft youtube page, This is the start of my latest adventure where I have a few mods installed!

Watch Now!


Atoms For Peace

Treasure Island Music Festival, San Francisco



Some pics of my FARGO print, lovingly printed by the fabulous White Duck Screen Printers, who will also be printing my editions for my Solo show this coming march.

this print is a whopping B1, 39.4 X 27.8 inches.

4 colour Screen print including metallic silver.

Printed on 270gsm MOHAWK superfine eggshell white.

custom stamped edition of 50.  

Now available over at Little White Lies ONLINE SHOP. go pick one up NOW!!

thanks to timba for organising such a great show, white duck for printing and Rebecca Cleal for the photos.

Still saving up money to get my illustration printed on a blank skate deck but each week I have a support worker type person meet me in town to help me get used to being out again lol, makes me feel pretty sub human, I don’t even want to go and I have to spend a tenner fuel each week getting their and I usually bring a tenner as well so I can buy something because we have to stay there at least an hour and I don’t like walking around awkwardly with no set goal :/

SO in conclusion It may be many more weeks until I can order my print, originally it was supposed to be 2, it is week 3 and I’m not much closer, plus the print will take a few weeks to be shipped.. and also my brother wants to see me but I haven’t got the fuel money to go, so…. blagged right now.


I got to the bus that goes into town and realized I hadn’t brought any change for the bus… So I didn’t go lol… Oops.

Top: My new custom skin

The rest: RudoPlays Shader

Installed a shader mod on Minecraft, I luv et!!!!




La verdad es que no se si me encanta o si quiero ser como ella XD


La verdad es que no se si me encanta o si quiero ser como ella XD

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.
Winston Churchill (via observando)

It is SO depressing that people don’t give a fuck about the state of the world and continue to believe they have no power, whilst they give all their power to a small percentage of people with their own intent who use that power for their own gain as the world gets brutally raped and its people get enslaved into supporting all of this pure stupidity, the system we live under is a blatant and obvious lie, if you just use that thing in your head instead of referencing someone elses point of view all the time maybe you too would see that we are not working towards the betterment of mankind, we are working toward the fortifying the powers that be into having complete dominance over us and our lives, and helping them get rich off the murder of the earth and the enslavement of us all.

It makes me so depressed in fact that I get suicidal over it, I cry because hardly anyone talks about the real issues of the world, I really don’t want to contribute to all this madness, you might be able to brush this off but I can’t.


Fiction:1 Reality:0
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